1968 After 10 years in the industry, Walter Van Os sets up Van Os NV in Bornem

1976 Collaboration with Bayer to sell Lavasint®

1984 Move to Hemiksem

1987 Walter Van Os dies. Raf Van Os succeeds him

1989 Investment in the automatic powder coating line / Establishment of Duracoat NV

1994 Collaboration with DuPont (later Axalta) to sell  Abcite® and Flamulit®

2000 Achieve the ISO 9002 certificate

2002 Extend the product assortment to fluorine coatings such as  Halar® and Teflon®

2004 ISO 9001 Certificate / Merger of Van Os NV and Duracoat NV

2007 Start-up of thermoplastics on the powder coating line

2012 Abcite® X1060 coatings  withstood the environmental tests according to ISO 12944-6

2018 50 years of experience