In addition to coatings we also offer the following services:

Extra Services

ISO 9001

Since 2000 we are ISO certified and since 2004 we carry the ISO 9001 certificate.

Extra Services

Paint stripping

We paint strip our own suspension systems by pyrolysis. In this oven we can also strip your used metals and then recoat them like new.


Extra Services

Metal spraying

A flame gun is used to spray zinc wires on to the treated pieces. This results in a 40 to 80 μ thick protective zinc layer upon which a coating is then applied.

This service is offered through subcontracting.

Extra Services


Sometimes part of your product may not be exposed to coating. We will carefully shield this exact area.

Extra Services

Wet coating - additional colour coat

If you wish, we can apply a second colour to a coated surface, or we can provide a complete wet coating.

Extra Services


Upon request we will take care of the complete assembly of your coated parts.

Extra Services


It goes without saying that all pieces leave our facility packed in a way that prevents damage during transport. If you would like, we can also use customized packaging.


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